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Rita Ora Sizzles In Her ‘All-Nude’ Look For ‘Ask & You Shall Receive’

Rita Ora showcased her stunning figure in a behind-the-scenes clip from the making of the music video for her single “Ask & You Shall Receive.”

The 33-year-old singer took to Instagram on Monday to share a glimpse of her rehearsal process, captivating fans with her dedication and striking presence.

Rita Ora Showcases A Sheer Display Of Skin For Her New Music Video

In the video, Rita is seen rehearsing in a dance studio, dressed in a vibrant red crop top and casual white tracksuit bottoms. Her toned physique and effortless moves highlight her commitment to her craft.

The clip then transitions to an intriguing scene from the music video shoot, where Rita practices the same dance move while crawling out of a washing machine in a laundromat. The quirky and imaginative setting adds a playful twist to the video, reflecting Rita’s creative vision and dynamic performance style.

Showing Some Behind-The-Scenes

Rita turned up the heat in the sultry video, donning a nude bralette that showcased her sculpted midriff.

The “For You” hitmaker complemented the look with matching underwear, further emphasizing her flawless physique. Her hair, styled in loose, cascading curls, added a touch of effortless elegance to her striking appearance. The blend of her dynamic choreography and the seductive outfit made the video a mesmerizing visual experience, highlighting Rita’s undeniable confidence and star power.

Alongside the clip, the British beauty wrote: “How it started VS How it’s going. Feeling myself in that all-nude look!! Not your typical ‘going to do the laundry’ outfit, I know!!”

Making Hit After Hit

“Ask & You Shall Receive” marks Rita’s latest release, following the success of her top ten 2023 album “You & I.”

The new single continues to build on the momentum of her recent musical achievements, showcasing her ability to consistently deliver hit songs. The behind-the-scenes glimpse not only highlights Rita’s dedication and hard work but also gives fans an intimate look at the creative process behind her captivating music videos. Her playful caption and bold fashion choices reflect her vibrant personality and fearless approach to both music and style.

Rita Ora Talks About ‘Ask & You Shall Receive’

Speaking about the song, Rita said, “The song is full of upbeat, summery vibes and is about seizing the moment romantically and diving straight in with that special someone.” She emphasized the carefree and passionate essence of the track, making it a perfect anthem for summer love.

‘Memories’ That Last A Lifetime

Rita also shared, “It was co-written by the amazing Raye, which feels like such a full circle moment, as I have so many amazing memories from when we were on the road together for the Phoenix tour.”

This collaboration not only highlights the strong bond between the two artists but also brings a sense of nostalgia and continuity to her musical journey. The combination of upbeat rhythms and heartfelt lyrics makes “Ask & You Shall Receive” a standout addition to Rita’s repertoire, promising to resonate with fans old and new.

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