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Golfer Grace Charis In Daisy Dukes Says ‘Happy 4th’

Golfer Grace Charis is a popular OnlyFans model who started golfing during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and has not been able to step off the green since!

The social media sensation has managed to combine her passion for golf by sharing videos of her golfing without a bra on, often slowing down her videos so her followers can watch her swing her club in a colorful low-cut crop top.

While there have been plenty of jokes about her “headlights,” Grace has over two million followers on Instagram who love to follow her adventures, whether she’s hitting the golf course or posing in a star-spangled cowboy hat for the Fourth of July!

Grace Charis Leaves Little To The Imagination In Her White Crop Top

On the Fourth of July, Grace shared a video and two photos of her Fourth of July outfit. Although her star-spangled cowboy hat caught the attention of many fans, others loved her white crop top and daisy dukes. Fans who swipe to the right are treated to a second photo of Grace leaning back against the staircase, showing off her toned tummy.

“‘Merica,” she wrote in the caption along with the emojis of a bald eagle, an American flag, and a face wearing a cowboy hat.

Grace Is Having A Party In The U.S.A.

Grace also shared a video that featured her wearing her daisy dukes, white crop top, and star-spangled cowboy hat. She made sure to show off her outfit from every angle and even gave fans a close-up of her daisy dukes while slowly running her hands down her body. “Happy 4th,” she wrote in the caption. The only emoji she used this time was a face wearing a cowboy hat.

“So sexy and beautiful. Happy 4th of July with love from England,” one fan commented. “4th is looking good,” another follower wrote. “I’m definitely happy now after that short PSA,” a third fan chimed in while another follower called her “very patriotic and very beautiful.”

Grace Charis Says ‘Let’s Go Golfing’

Although she does occasionally spend time off the golf course, most of her Instagram page features videos of her golfing. Although she does not usually show where the ball lands, it seems her fans are much more interested in videos of her swinging her club as hard as she can without wearing a bra. In this video, Grace paired a light blue tank top with white slacks and a matching visor as she showed off her slow-motion swing. “Let’s go golfing,” she wrote in the caption.

“Complete and absolute perfection,” one fan commented. “Now that is some good form,” another follower wrote. “She is awesome,” a third fan agreed. “Ever think about getting your belly button pierced?” another follower asked. Grace did not reply, but another fan did, commenting, “I think she is perfect as she is.”

Grace Says ‘Hawk Tuah’ In Her Neon Pink Romper

Fans love to see Grace wearing her baby blue romper, but it looks like they might have a new favorite! Grace included a video that featured her on the golf course in a sleeveless neon pink romper that seemed to glow in the dim light as she did a slow jog toward the camera. She set the audio in the video to “Hawk Tuah” girl’s viral clip of her going, “Spit on that thang!” In the caption, Grace simply wrote, “Hawk Tuah.”

Needless to say, fans loved her new romper. “That outfit is en fuego!” one fan exclaimed. “And I thought purple was my favorite,” another follower wrote. “Now they even glow in the dark,” a third fan chimed in while another follower called her “so beautiful.”

Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Grace Charis!

Interested in more Grace Charis content? In another recent Instagram post, the popular OnlyFans model was “not golfing but still gorgeous” as she put her lean legs on display in another pair of daisy dukes.

Fans can check out that steamy display and even more golfing videos by clicking here!

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