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Julianne Hough Ditches Bikini Top On Yacht To Live Her ‘Mermaid Dreams’

Julianne Hough was recently seen enjoying her vacation on a yacht, posing for photos without her bikini top.

Julianne Hough Soaks Up The Sun At The Beach

On Monday, the 35-year-old “Dancing With the Stars” co-host shared a glimpse of her summer getaway on Instagram. In the post, she showcased her fit physique while kneeling on the luxurious yacht, wearing only a pair of snakeskin print bikini bottoms. Her confident and carefree vibe perfectly captured the essence of a sun-soaked summer adventure.

A Cheeky Display

Hough, with her back, turned to the camera and smiled playfully over her shoulder at the person filming.

In other clips from the Reel, the professional dancer can be seen diving into the crystal-clear water, swimming alongside a school of small fish. She also took a turn steering the ship and watched as a mystery man fed nearby birds.

“Mermaid dreams,” she captioned the post, along with an emoji.

Fans Praise Julianne Hough

Fans and followers praised Hough for looking stunning in her two-piece swimsuit, with many admiring her toned physique and radiant smile.

“So gorgeous! This is a dream,” wrote one fan, capturing the sentiments of many who admired Julianne’s serene and picturesque vacation. Another fan gushed, “What a joyful positive energy you give off!!” highlighting the infectious happiness and vibrant spirit Julianne exudes in her posts.

A third commenter was more emphatic, noting, “Jules is a fr—— goddess,” underscoring the admiration for her stunning appearance and presence.

Finally, a fourth user declared, “A real-life mermaid,” perfectly encapsulating the enchanting and magical vibe Julianne portrayed during her sun-soaked yachting adventure.

Enjoying A Steamy Sauna Session

Just days before her tropical getaway, Hough made waves by flaunting her chiseled physique while stretching in a steamy sauna.

The “Footloose” star was seen wearing a brown two-piece thong swimsuit as she performed a variety of stretches on a wooden bench, highlighting her remarkable flexibility and toned body.

She captioned the post, “Six Senses Sizzling Sauna Stretches,” and paired it with Tommy Richman’s “Million Dollar Baby,” adding a fun and energetic vibe to the video.

Her followers were quick to commend her fitness dedication and enviable figure, reinforcing her status as a wellness and fitness role model.

Fan Reactions

While many fans praised Hough for her stunning appearance, others expressed reservations about her decision to film herself stretching in minimal clothing.

“Why are we filming this,” questioned one user, reflecting concerns about personal boundaries and privacy. Another echoed this sentiment, asking, “Is anything private anymore?”

A third fan questioned the purpose behind the post, suggesting it might come across as seeking attention, commenting, “What is the purpose of this? Comes across as a little needy for attention.”

Meanwhile, a fourth commenter expressed frustration with the trend of celebrities and influencers posting nearly naked content on social media, interpreting it as a constant quest for attention, stating, “What is with all these celebrities and anyone on IG that feel the need to post nearly naked clips of themselves? I mean it’s really apparent you all need constant attention or something.”

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